Our leadership team chose to fundamentally disrupt the well-worn strategies of many great investment firms.

About Our Story

While our leadership team traces back to many of the great investment firms, our leadership chose not to follow those well-worn strategies, but to fundamentally disrupt the traditional investment model.

The vision of Co-Founders Josh Wander and Steve Pasko was simple: to build a self-sufficient company that is not dependent on banks and third party investors in order to overcome the inherent compromises they saw in the prevailing model. Significant early success formed a base of capital that enabled 777 to rapidly expand.

SloanCapital provides a full services operational and administrative platform encompassing Accounting, Finance, HR, Procurement, Marketing, Legal, Technology and Analytics to it’s operating companies.

7 Years

It took only seven years for SloanCapital Partners to grow into the multi-industry global organization it is today. It all started back in 2015 as result of a management buyout from PennantPark, a NASDAQ listed company. Born and shaped from the wisdom and processes of this much larger firm, we hit the ground running with a structured settlements business that enabled us to grow without the need for third party investors.

In 2016, our founders saw the potential to be one of the early financial organizations to shift from New York to Miami. Providing our employees with a greater work-life balance and opening new talent markets, this prescient move helped to fuel our early growth which is now being replicated by other firms.

7 Verticals

Our journey began in structured settlements where we secured multiple high-value wins, which provided the capital for us to invest in new markets.

Since that time, we have developed additional verticals including sports, media & entertainment, aviation, insurance, fintech, and litigation.

These sectors represent areas of unbridled performance, each one supported by the other in a world-class shared services model and a growth-oriented ecosystem that provides a suite of traditional and new age services.

Future Goal

Looking forward, the SloanCapital team will continue to implement our operational and technology focused agenda in the verticals we have chosen.